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Dolcimpronte - Blue, Pink or White Complecuore

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Dolcimpronte - Blue, Pink or White Complecuore


Vier de verjaardag van je hond in style!
Daar mag natuurlijk een verjaardag's cake niet bij missen!

Verjaardags kluif/biscuit in hart vorm.
Inclusief een kaarsje :-)
De taart heeft een heerlijke yoghurt smaak.

Een feestelijk traktatie in een feestelijke verpakking.
Voor je eigen hond, of om cadeau te geven.
De decoratie is gemaakt van heerlijke yoghurt frosting.

Happy Birthday

Be tempted by the biscuits of the Dolcimpronte Country line!
The delightful Complecuore Blue, with a slightly retro taste, will make your Dog go crazy with joy!

Content: 80 gr.

Ingredients: Wheat flour 00, eggs, margarine, fructose, E200 E 202. Decoration with food icing and foot coloring.

The products made by Dolcimpronte are prepared and decorated by hand, one by one, by our confectioners.

Authorization for Food and Health Supervision - ASL Zocca Prot. 0088901/16 of 26/11/2016


Dolcimpronte srl is a pet confectionery based on passion and research for fresh products with which creating quality sweets for pets. Based on the Tosco-Emilian Appennine in Zocca (Modena), land of tradition and delicacies, Dolcimpronte delights our pet friends palates with traditional hadnmade local specialities, were taste and tradition perfectly blend. The recipes, made with the help of a veterinary nutritionist, are made without sugar and with quality raw materials. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are the fundamental points of Dolcimpronte, which creates artisanal sweets even for holidays and special occasions: chocolate eggs, Easter doves, panettone, pandori, etc. everything for our friends dogs and cats. Known throughout Italy for the goodness and genuineness of its products Dolcimpronte is the reference pastry for all our gluttonous friends. Dolcimpronte .... a tasty tradition to tell!

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